Booking Engine URL Parameters

Booking Engine Parameters provide affiliates the ability to deep link into specific booking engine pages from their own site. This allows full customization of user experience on the affiliate’s own website before linking over to complete the booking transaction. The following section lists all the parameters available to affiliates, what they do, and how to use them in a query string.

Parameter Guidelines
All parameters must be properly URL encoded.
For example: %20 is equivalent to a space and is required to define a city name such as San Diego in the city parameter. This needs to be encoded as –

The siteId Parameter
Site ID only required parameter. This will link a user into a specific affiliate site and give credit to that site ID when a booking is completed.

Parameter Type Description Example
siteId Integer Unique ID issued upon affiliate registration. This is required to give booking credit
to the appropriate affiliate.

The type Parameter
The type parameter must be included with any search. Failure to include a search type will result in a redirection to the search page of your affiliate. If a redirect occurs, the system will preserve the affiliate site ID and the affiliate will be credited with all bookings made through that redirect.

Parameter Description Example
city Basic hotel list for city searches,%20AZ
geo Search properties near a given longitude/latitude (accuracy of up to 3 decimal points)
and encompassing radius.
address Search properties near a given address
airport Search properties near a 3 character IATA airport code.
landmark Search properties near a given landmark.
property Search a specific property and display the property detail page for the given property

The city Search Parameter
The following parameters are used when requesting the city search type

Parameter Type Description Example
city Name of the city to be searched. This should be combined with the state by adding
<cityName>,%20<state abbreviation (or name)> for cities within
states or with <cityName>,%20<country abbreviation (or name)>
for cities within countries. Make sure the URL is property encoded

The geo Search Parameter
The following parameters are used when requesting the geo search type

Parameter Type Description Example
longitude Decimal The longitude, as a decimal representation (limit of 3 decimal places), for a point
on the Earth
latitude Decimal The latatude, as a decimal representation (limit of 3 decimal places), for a point
on the Earth
radius integer Includes all properties located within the given number of miles from the longitude/latitude centerpoint provide by the parameters above. If raduis is omitted, search will default to all properties within a 100 mile radius.
useKilometers integer Converts the miles display to kilometers. Raduis parameter remains in miles.
locationLabel String Describes the point defined by longitude and latitude.
noCenter no value necessary Prevents the searched long/lat from being marked with a green icon
map no value necessary Opens up the Google map of all properties by default
points Decimal & String Adds additional Points to the map identified by Longitude and Latitude and Label. Each value separated by ||36.114165|West%20Flamingo%20Park

The address Search Parameter
The following parameters are used when requesting the address search type. Address searches convert the address to longitude and latitude and return properties located within a given radius.

Parameter Type Description Example
address String Physical address to be searched. This will also be the label provided in the interface.
city String City in which the physical address is located.
state String 2-character state code in which the physical address is located. Optional.
country String 2-character country code in which the physical address is located. Optional for US based addresses.
postalCode String In lieu of an address, a postal code may be used to search an area.

The Rates and Availability Parameters
The rates and availability parameters can be added to any search type. The rates and availability parameters allow the affiliate to have a user select their exact search criteria on the affiliate’s website before being passed over to the booking engine to complete their transaction. These parameters are vital to a seamless transition from the affiliate website to the booking engine.

Parameter Type Description Example
checkIn Date Date of check in at the property.,%20AZ

checkOut Date Used in place of nights. Date of check out at the property.,%20AZ

nights Integer Used in place of checkOut. Number of consecutive nights guest(s)
will be staying after check in at the property.,%20AZ

rooms Integer Total number of rooms.,%20AZ

adults Integer Total number of adults in all rooms.,%20AZ

children Integer Total number of children in all rooms.,%20AZ

currency String ISO Value (i.e. USD, GBP, EUR) of the currency code for rates to be displayed in.
Native currency will also be displayed.,%20AZ

pageSize Integer Limit: 1-25 Number of properties to be displayed per page.,%20AZ

cid String Affiliate generated campaign ID string which will be recorded with the reservation.
This is also used to control themes.,%20AZ

Search Parameters

  • address
  • city
  • state (2 digit code – if no state don’t use)
  • country (ISO value)
  • zipcode
  • radius (miles)
  • airport
  • code
  • name
  • geo
  • promptForCheckIn (popup date selector to force date selection)
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • hotellist
  • landmark (name – validate with Landmark Table)
  • properties (Limits the list of hotels displayed to the property numbers used. Comma delimited list)
    • a property listed by default will attach a special tag within the property listing.  The property ID number can also be preceded by a “x” or a  “y” in order to attach additional custom tags within each property.
  • property

Filters that restrict query results

  • hotelname
  • amenities
  • propertyclasses
  • propertytypes
  • pagesize

Parameters that Filter Results Special Features

  • map (normally loaded closed. Loads open when used)
  • mapsize (Zoom level of hotel list map. (Values 1 and zoom in up to 17. Default approx. 11))
  • locationlabel (Identifies the location being searched around)
  • satellite (Loads Google map in satellite view)
  • message (inserts message in hotel listing)
  • radius (miles)
  • nocomm (restricts pay at hotel rates from displaying)
  • nonets (restricts pre-pay rates from displaying)
  • pagesize (number of hotels to display on a single web page (15 standard, 40 max.))
  • noSplash (prevents splash screen only on initial link in)
  • Amenities
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Complimentary Breakfast
  • Fitness Center
  • Free Local Calls
  • Internet Access
  • Kitchen/Kitchenette
  • Pets Allowed
  • Pool
  • Restaurant on-site
  • Social Hour (multiple can used when seperated by a coma example: Allowed,Pool)

Property Classes

Property Types

  • propertytypes
  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Resort
  • Ext. Stay
  • B&B
  • Boutique
  • Vac. Rental
  • Hostel

(multiple can used when seperated by a coma example: york, ny&siteid=24530&propertytypes=Vac. Rental,Ext. Stay)

Property Parameters that Filter Results

  • tab (default General Info)
  • Amenities
  • Photos
  • Map
  • Date Formats (2)

V6 supports all three date formats, US, Euro & International (ISO). Once linked in all dates will be interpreted and printed with this format. Token must be dateFormat, and is case sensitive. Token is not required and V6 will default to US if no format passed is passed.

US –, Az&dateFormat=mdy
Euro –, Az&dateFormat=dmy
International ISO-, Az&dateFormat=iso8601