Meet our brand

The Hotels for Hope brand is more than just our logo and colors. It’s who we are as a company and what makes us…us.

[Spoiler alert: we’re pretty laid-back and fun.]

Hotels for Hope brand

Logo + Mark

There are two parts to our logo: the “H4H” square mark and the “hotels for hope” wordmark.

You can download a zip file with all four of the variations show below.

Logo – Purple

Logo – White

Mark Only – Purple

Mark Only – White

Powered by H4H Logo

We also have a “Powered by H4H” logo for partners to use when talking about our technology.

You can download a zip file with both variations show below.

Logo – Purple

Logo – White

Hotels for Hope Brand Book

Brand Book

Since our brand represents who we are, we ask that you treat it with care. To learn about how to use our logos and how to talk about our company…

Have questions about our brand or how to use the logo?