Doing the Impossible: Bringing Clean Water to Ethiopia

June 13, 2017

Our giving partner A Glimmer of Hope has been an inspiration to us long before Hotels for Hope was even a company. In fact, it was at a fundraising event for Glimmer that our founder, Neil Goldman, got the idea to start Hotels for Hope.

Since 2010, we’ve donated over $40,000 to Glimmer’s efforts to bring clean water, healthcare and education to villages in Ethiopia. The most recent project we helped fund was to build a water reservoir system in the Gonok Village – something they were told couldn’t be done.

But this year, they completed the difficult project. Proving the naysayers wrong…and more importantly, changing the lives of the people in Ethiopia.

Prior to the project, women and children spent hours each day collecting unsafe drinking water in 40 pound jerry cans and bringing them back to their families. This kept them from going to school or earning an income. Now they have access to clean (and safe) water.

Some key facts about Gonok deep borehole water supply system:

  • The reservoir stores over 13,000 gallons of water
  • There are 9 water water points and 3 cattle troughs
  • Total of 8 kilometers of pipeline (the length of 73 football fields!)
  • It’s the biggest water project in the region of Tigray (Ethiopia is made up of 8 regions)

Below are some photos sent to us by Eric Schmidhauser, Director of Philanthropy at A Glimmer of Hope. He took these on his recent trip to see the final product!

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A Glimmer of Hope is beginning the second phase of work in Gondar. Your support will go toward better healthcare for women and childrenas well as expanding our education, clean water and microfinance projects in the Villages of Gondar.

For every room night that actualizes, Hotels for Hope donates $2 to A Glimmer of Hope’s RoomFunding project…at no cost to you. But they need your help to reach their goal of 4,500 room nights. How do you do that? There are two simple ways to do this…

  1. Book room nights from your next business trip or a personal stay. Every room night matters and gets them closer to reaching their goal.
  2. Commit your next meeting or event. If your company hosts meetings or conferences, you could support A Glimmer of Hope in a bigger way. Whether you are organizing a conference, meeting, board retreat, sporting event, festival or large consumer event…we’ve got your back. Our services and technology will make planning these events much easier.