H4H’s 5,000th Group

November 15, 2013

What were you doing 3 years, 7 months and 1 day ago (that is 31,464 hours ago to be exact)?

Ask the team at Hotels for Hope and we respond with a straight forward response – “starting a company” Now, a short 1,887,840 minutes later Hotels for Hope is proud to announce our 5,000th group has checked into a hotel.  We are truly grateful for the relationships that have been built along the way.  During this time, we have worked with 1,800+ global hotels and impacted over 75,000 children’s lives.

Hotels for Hope believes in doing good business. We handle all aspects of booking hotel rooms for large events and strive to ease the operational burden on our clients through innovative solutions while maintaining open and reciprocal relationships with our hotel partners. We also give back. At no cost to our clients, $2 from every hotel night stay is donated to charities that seek to improve the lives of children worldwide. We believe in honesty, in fairness, and in changing lives – one room at a time.