Help fund music mentors for foster children

April 27, 2015

We’ll be highlighting RoomFunding™ projects here on our blog. Next up is Kids in a New Groove…

Kids in a New Groove, or “KING” for short, is an Austin-based nonprofit that provides one-on-one music mentors for children in foster care. Each child receives an instrument, a dedicated music mentor and private music lessons…for one year. Their vision is that all youth in foster care have the tools and support they need to become successful individuals when they transition out of the foster care system.

Why we love this project

Not only are these kids learning music, but they are building relationships with an adult who provides some stability for them. In some cases kids could go to several different foster homes, but they will see their mentor every week.

If we can get 7,000 room nights for them, then we can fund 14 kids to get a mentor for one year. Those room nights will help them learn a new way to express themselves as well as get the support they need as they transition out.

How you can help

For every room night that actualizes, Hotels for Hope donates $2 to KING’s RoomFunding project…at no cost to you. But they need your help to reach their goal of 7,000 room nights. How do you do that, you ask? There are two simple ways to do this…

  1. Book room nights from your next business trip or a personal stay. Every room night matters and gets them closer to reaching their goal.
  2. Commit your next meeting or event. If your company hosts meetings or conferences, you could support KING in a bigger way. Whether you are organizing a conference, meeting, board retreat, sporting event, festival, or large consumer event…we’ve got your back. Our services and technology will make planning these events much easier.

So what do you say, can you help Kids in a New Groove out?

Commit your room nights to help fund music mentors!