It’s Time to Amplify Austin

March 05, 2015

Today is Amplify Austin Day here in Central Texas! What is that you ask? It is an online event held over a 24-hour period where more than 500 local nonprofits benefit from a surge of online giving. It starts today at 6 PM and ends tomorrow at 6 PM.

The event was created by a local organization called I Live Here, I Give Here. Over the past two years they have raised $8.5 million through Amplify Austin. This year they are hoping to raise $7 million.

Getting involved is super easy. All you have to do is go to the Amplify Austin site, select a nonprofit and donate to their page. That’s it! You can donate to as many nonprofits as you’d like.

A few of our local nonprofit partners are participating, you can check them out below:

No matter what cause you support, we encourage everyone living in Central Texas to amplify the nonprofits in our city. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook with #AmplifyATX.