Meet H4H’s Director of RoomFunding

December 16, 2014

At Hotels for Hope, we continually yearn to find new ways to give back and grow technology offerings. In 2015, H4H will pair giving and technology into a streamlined initiative called “RoomFunding.” To pull this project off, we needed to hire the best of the best…and we did. Today, with great excitement, we welcome Nicole Watson as our Director of RoomFunding.

Paint a picture of what brought you to H4H:

In the past I have worked for both for profit and nonprofit organizations in various marketing and communications roles. I am passionate about giving back to the nonprofit sector, so that is why I was so drawn to Hotels for Hope.

Brag for a moment! What will make you an integral Director of RoomFunding with Hotels for Hope?

I am very passionate about the nonprofit sector. I have worked with nonprofits in both a professional and personal capacity and I will be able to help our business and our clients increase our social impact through our new RoomFunding platform.

By working at Hotels for Hope what are you looking forward to most?

I’m really looking forward to working with our clients and nonprofit partners to launch the RoomFunding platform. I think it’s a great way to help raise money for nonprofits through our client’s CSR programs.

When you aren’t working what occupies your time? 

I keep myself pretty busy so you can usually find me spending time with family or friends, traveling as much as I can, watching football (go Longhorns and Texans), going on photography adventures and volunteering with one of my favorite nonprofits.

What is your favorite sport / team?

Like a true Texan, I love football. / Texas Longhorns and Houston Texans

If you could be anywhere in the world, doing anything, where would it be?

I would either be on a beautiful beach somewhere reading a book or walking around exploring a new city taking pictures.