Meet RoomFunding™: The new way we give back

April 08, 2015

It may look like the only thing we do all day is dress in “weird” outfits to win ice cream parties and compete in dart tournaments. But we promise we get some work done. In between dart games, we had an idea. We started thinking…what if a music festival could fund a music mentorship program for foster children? Or what if a sporting event could help Special Olympics athletes realize their dreams?

And voila…RoomFunding™ was created. See, we told you we get work done. So what in the world is RoomFunding? Think crowdfunding, but with hotel rooms.


With a traditional crowdfunding platform, funders commit a financial amount towards a project’s goal. Well, we’ve flipped that model on its head. There’s no need to donate $25 or $50 to a project. Instead, organizations and individuals simply commit upcoming room nights to a RoomFunding project. When those rooms actualize, they will be applied towards the total number of nights. Once a project receives all the room nights needed, it’s funded.

Pretty cool, huh?

RoomFunding provides a new platform for nonprofits to amplify their mission work. They can promote their project to their constituents. So now when board members travel for work they can continue to support their nonprofit. And when a volunteer goes on a family vacation, they can also support their favorite nonprofit. You get the idea.

It’s a new movement to impact the lives of children all over the world. Your room nights really do matter. So what will your room nights fund? Commit your nights.

Join the movement