Millenials and Social Responsibility

September 08, 2013

Did you know…

  • In surveying Millennials, researchers have found:
  • 51% actively seek out brands that do good and act responsibly
  • 49% feel better about brands that are socially responsible
  • 46% are more likely to purchase something from a brand that gives back to their community
  • 32% feel negatively about companies that are not socially responsible
  • 87% focus on an employer’s CSR efforts when interviewing for a job

Also, did you know that Millennials will out number Baby Boomers by 20 million people in 2030.


Millennials are just entering their peak spending years – businesses, marketers, bosses, service providers, etc… need to understand this age group. Those that do, will find new ways to make $$$, retain staff and make a positive impact on the world around them.