Songs for Kids Foundation RoomFunding Project is Funded

August 03, 2016

Join us in doing a happy dance because another RoomFunding™ project has reached its goal! The Songs for Kids Foundation project has officially been funded.

The $4,000 that was raised for this project will help Songs for Kids Foundation give 80 unique performances at children’s hospitals all over the country. Through the Bedside Music Program, musicians perform private concerts for children who are often unable to leave their individual hospital rooms and may be suffering from isolation. Even patients facing daunting challenges and long hospital stays need a chance to cut loose and have fun. They can even be a part of the show!


Hotels for Hope and Songs for Kids Foundation send a big “thank you” to those groups that selected this project. And to the hotels that hosted these groups. You made this possible.

Want to help us fund their next project?

For every room night that actualizes, Hotels for Hope donates $2 to Songs for Kids Foundation’s RoomFunding project…at no cost to you. But they need your help to reach their goal of 2,000 room nights. How do you do that? There are two simple ways to do this…

  1. Book room nights from your next business trip or a personal stay. Every room night matters and gets them closer to reaching their goal.
  2. Commit your next meeting or event. If your company hosts meetings or conferences, you could support Songs for Kids Foundation in a bigger way. Whether you are organizing a conference, meeting, board retreat, sporting event, festival, or large consumer event…we’ve got your back. Our services and technology will make planning these events much easier.