Texas Experiences: Fredericksburg Wine Country

June 29, 2016

Last December, each H4H Crew member was challenged to complete a fun “Texas experience.” The challenge was simple. Everyone received an experience that involved traveling to a city in Texas, completing an activity and staying at hotel. Naturally, we were all pretty excited about it. We’ll be sharing our experiences here on the blog…


For my Texas experience, I spent a night in an Airbnb rental in Fredericksburg and tasted some German food at its finest at Der Lindenbaum. But you can’t go to Fredericksburg without enjoying the wineries along the way!

We went to my favorite Texas vineyard, Becker Vineyards, first and enjoyed a beautiful day of relaxing, sipping wine and soaking up the gorgeous Texas scenery. This winery sits on 46 acres of land that also includes wildflowers and peach orchards on property. The landscape is breathtaking and the wine…well, it’s a beautiful thing. For $15, you can enjoy 6 tastings. This is very helpful when trying to decide which bottle to buy. We bought a couple bottles and sat under the overhang, enjoying the cool breeze, scenery and live music in the background.

It was the perfect day in Texas.

Hotels are very limited in Fredericksburg, so adorable cottages, or in our case a barn, is the way to experience this charming town. We stayed in a quaint barn just 4 miles from downtown and literally went over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house to get there. The sweetest “grandparents” owned the barn set right on their home acreage. There was plenty of space and privacy from their house to the barn to feel separated.

We arrived at our “home” to be greeted with German music playing on the stereo, a basket of goodies and fridge full of water, juice, sodas and German Dunkel beer. Everything you needed to make you feel at home. The barn was very cozy with German trinkets and tchotchkes all over the walls including Lederhosen. They definitely brought a piece of their culture to life in this rental. The master room was on the first floor including a full size bed and jacuzzi tub built in the floor. I loved the bathroom sink, it was really unique (below is a pic). The second floor loft was equipped with 2 full size beds. Plenty of space for 4-6 people to enjoy!

Der Lindenbaum was a little slice of German heaven. The servers were fully dressed in German attire and very friendly. We had a smorgasbord and tried a little bit of everything including Schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, the whole shebang! After full stomachs, we decided to go back to our “home” to get comfy. We cozied up in the robes provided and played board games, while still enjoying the German music playing in the background.

The next morning we were greeted by our dear neighbors (the owners of the barn) with a full breakfast including fruit, juice and their homemade family recipe of warm German bread that was to die for (recipe included below. Highly recommended!). Who doesn’t love some delicious comfort food? Before packing up, we made sure to sign the guest book and give our raving reviews!

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend not too far from Austin, this is the place to be. Go enjoy yourself!