Transforming Currency into “Carency.” One Room Night at a Time.

September 21, 2015

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money, tells us that we have three choices when it comes to how we make our money. She says we can make a killing, we can make a dying or we can actually make a living.

We make a killing when we make our money in ways that harm other people or the environment in pursuit of money to nourish our greed. We make a dying when we are willing to make our money by participating in job or business that may pay a lot, but does not nourish our sense of purpose. We make a living when we make our money by making the contribution that we were born to make and living into the purpose we came here to fulfill.

I believe that our niche crowdfunding platform at Hotels for Hope, called RoomFunding™, allows our stakeholders to make their living while making a caring. We make a caring when every room night that actualizes through H4H makes an intentional contribution to organizations that support youth around the world.

RoomFunding Projects

Another author named Simon Mainwaring, in his book We First, speaks of a world where we get to apply the principles of what he calls “contributory consumption.” Imagine if every industry chose to contribute 1 to 2 percent of every transaction to organizations that are creating social change in the world. That pool of resources would create a source of funding that is way larger than the current funds that are generated annually through global corporate giving. TOMS participates in contributory consumption through their one-for-one model where they donate a pair of shoes to people in need when a pair is purchased. Hotels for Hope is participating in contributory consumption by transforming $2 of transactional currency from every actualized hotel room night into impactful “carency” as part of RoomFunding.

In his book, Screw Business as Usual, Richard Branson says that “doing good is good for business!” He says, “business as usual isn’t working. In fact, business as usual is wrecking this planet. Resources are being used up; the air, the sea, the land are all heavily polluted,” because as Lynne Twist would say, people have been making a killing for far too long!

Hotels for Hope was founded by Neil Goldman, a self-confessed tree-hugger, who believes that the hotel industry has a tremendous opportunity to create major change in the world. There is a great blue ocean where corporate social responsibility and contributory consumption meet. And we’re proud to be the only ones at that intersection with what we’re doing through RoomFunding.

Here’s a thought. Imagine the impact your company or organization could create in the world if you looked through the lenses of carency.

Your annual meeting or corporate travel could be responsible for providing music education to under-served youth, helping the children of fallen service men and women or even designing video games for youth that promote community problem solving instead of violence.

Want to help us make both a living and a caring, one room night at a time? Let’s chat!