Using Technology For Good

June 23, 2015

With summer “officially” starting this week, we will be faced with many buying choices, such as food, clothing, activities, travel, etc. Some require more thought than others. But what if I told you that regardless of the size of the decision, all could be equally as important? Let me explain…

This past weekend I was at the Starbucks near my house. After a couple cups of coffee I decided to purchase a bottled water. I was then faced with a simple choice (one which we typically never think about): “Which bottled water should I buy?” All water taste the same, right? They were all priced within a few cents of each other as well.

It was until the label on one of the bottles caught my attention. It read “helping children get clean water.” After that I could have cared less about which company would profit from quenching my thirst.  Choosing any $2 bottle did not effect me (personally). But when I had a choice to select one resulting in a social contribution, it became a no brainer.

Ethos Water

What if I told you these types of choices (typically not given much thought), could make a huge difference? The market has become extremely competitive. We see many of the same products (on all purchasing levels), only to make our decision based on a silly advertisement. Truth is, the world is shifting how we purchase goods: not only the initial effects directly to consumers, but how the world is effected as a result of the transaction.


How This Relates to Travel

The same can be noted about booking hotel rooms. Until the inception of Hotels for Hope, there was no industry-leading hotel brokerage service that came with a socially-responsible component. Furthermore, there was no travel company that used technology to further purposes other than booking rooms.

This summer, how many of us will be using online travel sources for business, vacation, or in general? How many companies and organizations will be planning large events requiring blocks of hotel rooms? Just as the bottle of water from Starbucks, do we view both of these booking sources in a similar fashion?

In 2010, our company took these components into consideration and created a social enterprise around the idea of using Technology For Good. We do this by providing online-booking options in a couple ways:


1. Everyday Travel

Most booking sites (Priceline, Expedia,, etc.) offer almost the exact same hotels and rates. And truth is, you are likely getting the same deal…regardless of the source. Sites like Kayak take it one step further to simply compare all of those booking sources side by side, leaving you to select the best deals.

Hotels for Hope offers an everyday booking site with the exact same options, if not more. Users are viewing over 25 distribution channels on one page, and guaranteed the best available rate(s). We do this with technology that makes the booking process seamless.

2. Your Next Event

Not only do we provide professional hotel brokerage services for your next event, we offer a custom-branded booking portal for attendees. We are a one-stop solution from the beginning of the housing selection process with a direct co-branded housing solution for clients to host on their event page.

What do both of these booking options have in common? Let me introduce you to RoomFunding™

3. RoomFunding

RoomFunding Projects

Whether you are an everyday traveler, or plan on booking a large event with multiple rooms, every room night booked through our booking portals generates a $2 donation towards impacting the lives of children through RoomFunding Projects. The booking source you once paid no attention to,  now suddenly equates to contributing towards fresh water in Ethiopia, music mentorships for foster children, funding for Special Olympics Texas’ annual  games and other important initiatives.

All because you chose to  book your reservation through our organization. All of this at no additional cost to you.

This summer, whether you are faced with the decision of purchasing a bottle of water, a pair of shoes or booking a hotel room…consider who you are effecting other than yourself. Conscious decisions like these will not necessarily directly effect your quality of life, but may enrich the lives others.