What It’s Really Like to be an H4H Intern

May 09, 2016

So I’m sure many of you sit around wondering to yourself, “what is it like to be an intern at Hotels for Hope?” Well, allow me to share because it’s been a pretty great experience…

I’m Jessica Bushong and in January I began to search for an internship for my last semester of college. After a late night Googling session of finding awesome companies to work for, I stumbled upon Hotels for Hope. I filled out a contact form on their website asking if they would take me on as an intern. For some reason, they decided to let me come in for an interview and a week later I was initiated into the team through a game of ping pong…which I lost.

Ping pong skills aside, I had the opportunity to intern for Nicole, the Director of Marketing and Giving. First of all, the whole team is incredibly nice and awesome, but I found it especially fun to intern for Nicole because we are a lot alike. Multiple times, we even showed up to work wearing the same outfit – how neat (not cool) is that?! Our like-mindedness allowed us to work very well together.

This semester Hotels for Hope underwent a complete rebrand (you may have noticed the shiny new website). I felt extremely lucky to be learning from this process as I researched, worked on design projects and saw firsthand what rebranding actually entails.

Hotels for Hope also celebrated its 6th birthday while I was here! We had a sixth birthday party and yes, the cake really was delicious.

Unfortunately, my internship has come to a end and I will soon be moving back to my home state of Oklahoma (the Crew never let me forget their dislike for the grand ole’ Sooner state). The good news for you is that leaves an intern position open (hint, hint). If you get the chance to intern, you might lose a few games of ping pong and darts, but overall you will learn a lot and meet some extremely awesome people.

A HUGE thank you to the whole team for an awesome semester!